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“What NOT to wear on the Red Carpet”

(NOTE) If your butt is hanging out, maybe you went too far..!!



LINK: Oh, my. Can you see my ass..??

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Can we talk about “people” who want attention..!!



 What’s up with this..??

I watched Britney’s new video “Womanizer,” also Beyonce Knowles and Christina Aguilera has a new video out. While each woman looks great, not to mention- almost naked in the videos; to me- (maybe I am getting old?) but all three new songs sound like they were written by the same person?

The songs are OK, but I am NOT rushing to download them. (I’m happy just to watch the videos: because I am a male, and I am still breathing.)

Check out two of the new videos here-

LINK: Britney and Beyonce- new videos



Movies- (for people who do not rush out to see movies)

Hey, yoo- Rambo..!!

Ok, I got to admit that I really liked the new Rambo movie. (This is not your daddy’s Rambo.) This Rambo is very close to “Saw” in its blood, guts, and body parts flying. (That is NOT why I liked the movie.)

I liked the story line. It moved along very smooth. Mostly believable, (though I am getting tired of the “reluctant hero” aspect of Rambo.) We all know that Rambo is going to kick ass and kill bad guys.

If you liked the other Rambo movies, this will not disappoint you. (Note, kind of graphic for small children.) Unless you children are watching “Saw” and “Hostel”, why this will be child’s play to them.


Get Smart

I really wanted to like this movie. (I really did.)

But, that didn’t happen. It was OK, but I wouldn’t rent it. My guess is it will appear on Comedy Central in the near future and we can watch it for free.

Let me put it to you this way; at one point I shut the movie down because our cat was jumping at a bird outside the window. I debated about whether to restart this movie. (Because the cat and the bird were more entertaining.)

If you like Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, you may like this movie. My main complaint is that in the original “Get Smart”, Don Adams played Maxwell as a conceded agent. Smart really thought he was “smart.” So it was funny when he failed.

Steve Carell plays Smart as a sympathetic character who never really got a chance. For me, it loses its comic edge.

Get Smart- In my opinion- is made for TV and I would wait for it to appear on TV- for free.


Hellboy 2


I really liked the first Hellboy.

However, I fell asleep during this one. When I woke back up; I was still able to follow what was going on and had no desire to find out what I missed. (What I missed while sleeping- a bunch of people get beat up as Hellboy smokes cigars, while being cynical of the world around him.)

The special effects are really cool..!!

Extra Credit- In the DVD special features section you will find out that many of the “things” that you are seeing IS REAL. Hellboy uses fewer “cartoon” characters (computer generated actors) then other movies of this style. Yes, there is a guy wearing a big rubber troll suit.

Hellboy might be worth seeing if you are sick of “cartoon movies” and want to see real stunts with real people.


Crystal skulls, Indiana Jones, Aliens, and a whole bunch of cash.


There was an editorial cartoon floating around the Internet that showed Steven Spielberg and George Lucus “raping” Indiana Jones.


OK, I see the “funny” in that cartoon. Two HUGE movie makers returning (20 years later) to a beloved movie serial to make some quick “buck.”


But I have to say, in order for there to be “rape”, someone has to be “unwilling.”




Harrison Ford was the main force pushing a new Indiana Jones movie. Lucus and Spielberg were also on board. And I, the viewer, was ready to visit Indiana Jones’ life again.


I liked this movie. Lead characters do not have to be in their 30’s. I had no problem with a 60 year old hero.

The writing was great. All of the characters were brilliant. This movie rolled along and I enjoyed it.
I thought the ending sucked, however- that didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie.
I will watch this movie again, so I would say it is worth renting..!!



I just finished watching “The Happening”. M. Night Shyamalam latest movie on DVD. It stars Mark Wahlberg who does a great job acting.


It has to be difficult to follow a movie like- “The Sixth Sense.” I have tried to watch all of M. Night’s movies because I thought his movie- “Sixth Sense” was an excellent modern thriller. One of the best..!!


But since then, I just haven’t felt the “trill” in Night’s efforts. “The Sign” held my interest. And so did “The Happening.”


I believe it is worth viewing. I do wonder why Night felt the need to let us know what “it” was that was killing people, so early in the movie? Some of his other movies would keep us guessing right up to the end.


DVD- “The Happening” Worth renting?- Yes.


“Tingle up the leg” factor? No. This movie will not give you a tingle.


“Fear factor”- some scenes are too gruesome for small children, however- nothing I saw stopped me from eating super.



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