Just in time for Christmas- CNN dead planet




Just in time for Christmas- CNN dead planet


For many of us, Christmas is a time for thinking about what other people may want, and finding a way to buy that special gift.


To others, Christmas is a deeply religious time. A time to reflect on one’s spirituality.


Still, others use this time of the year to throw colorful lights on a tree and drink massive amounts of booze.


For the cable news network: CNN, Christmas is the perfect time to remind people that humans are disgusting bastards who are destroying the earth.


This same network- CNN; who didn’t seem to have enough staff to send someone (anyone) to Chicago to check out Barack Obama and his past experience. Maybe do a few interviews with people who grew up with Obama?


CNN now has plenty of staff to send people to Asia, South America, and all over the globe; to show you how much of a pig that you really are.



From the heater in your house which you selfishly use to stay alive, to your coffee maker which keeps small children (some- as young as 1 year old) in CHILD slave labor. To your car which you sick twisted bastards use to get to work.


You are destroying the earth, and therefore: you should be dead.



So maybe the bad economy and the election haven’t brought sadness to your life? Maybe you still have some joy and happiness left inside of you?


CNN’s “Planet in Peril” will SUCK that joy and happiness right out of you.



I plan to have a full bottle of Prozac and a jug of booze ready for the show..!!


(Note- BS factor) If you really care about saving the environment and you believe man is killing the planet, why are you sitting in your house watching CNN?


Shouldn’t you have shut off the TV, cut the power lines to your house, abandoned your car, and are currently living off of grub worms and stinkweed from your back yard?



CNN’s “Planet in Peril” will air mid December (Maybe the 12th??) check CNN for details. Make sure to have a fresh bowl of tree bark to nibble on while watching this spectacle.









O J found guilty



Like- no shit, let’s move on.





Who is THE REAL Bill Ayers





Bill Ayers is just a fun loving guy “next door” who makes pipe bombs, who used to practice “protest vandalism”. Kind of like that silly little kid who throws a rock at the neighbor’s window because he doesn’t like the neighbor.


Bill Ayers is quick to point out that the only people that the Weather Underground ever really killed (sic) was- Themselves. (Bomb mishap.) Ayers wishes he could have done more. (Killing of his own people???)


Bill Ayers explains in the New York Times that he IS NOT a terrorist.




Just some fun loving guy who wants to blow up stuff to end the violence. (????)


(Which is what a terrorist wants to do.)


LINK: Butt boy and Billy Ayers






What is funnier than BUSH?




The Obama and Clinton team.


The ink isn’t even dry on Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State deal, and Bill Clinton has already pissed people off.


What was the BIG concern of Hillary being Secretary of State? That Bill Clinton might be paid to speak at some controversial foreign person’s event and compromise the “stately” office of Secretary of State.


Here at “Bad News”, we thought this might come up in a few years. We never dreamed it would happen the week after Mrs. Clinton took the job?


Former President Bill Clinton, needing a “cash fix” of $200,000 bucks, gave a speech for Malaysian businessman: Sekhar, who is being sued by many “worldly” investors, including actor Bruce Willis; for not living up to his deals.




Folks, this is going to be an entertaining 4 years..!! (And best of all, we can stop playing defense.) We get to watch the liberals squirm and stutter, while they try and pretend that this stuff isn’t happening


LINK: The Obama Clinton variety show






See ya next time..!!


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