Pirates- 2008 style




Pirates- 2008

What do the modern pirates look like?

Do they have a cute monkey..??

Do they look like Johnny Depp and basically just fight with each other while drinking rum..??


Not exactly..!!

These pirates actually steal stuff, kill people, and to my knowledge- do not have a cute monkey on their shoulder.

Today- pirates from Somali have 17 ships and about 343 people held hostage. (Including a large oil tanker carrying $100 million bucks worth of oil.)

Who is going to stop these modern day pirates?

Not many nations are stepping up to stop them. India has sent in a naval vessel and sank one pirate “mother ship.” However, as the pirates are rewarded with ransom payments, they can afford faster ships and better weapons.

Maybe it is time for these rich oil producing countries to step up and provide escort vehicles to stop pirates BEFORE they get close enough to blast a hole in the side of a tanker.

LINK: India sinks the pirates


(Note) Also at this site is a video on why fighting the pirates may not be enough?

Dems “fighting words”, nuff said.

Al Qaeda’s number 2- al Zawahri has called President Elect Barack Obama a: “house negro.”

Ok- that is freaking disgusting and terrorists are filthy pigs.

So, being the curious type, I headed over to see how the people at The Huffington Post are responding to this comment by Zawahri.

Take a guess what liberals are saying about the “house negro” comment..??

You would guess wrong…

Most liberals are still campaigning against republicans. (Kind of like those poor Japanese who didn’t know that WW2 had ended, and were held up in caves for years later.)

Some blame President Bush for doing too much, some claim Bush did too little…

While others are happy to proclaim that this proves: “Obama is NO terrorist, because look at what terrorists are saying..”

I think they are all missing the point here..!!

Obama has been challenged.

And I hope he doesn’t fail this challenge.

LINK: Dems “fighting words”, nuff said.

Here is what I wrote for The Huffington Post:

I can see that some people believe the election is still going on, today.

It’s over- Barack Obama won. You can stop already with the rhetoric.

Yes, conservatives questioned Obama’s relationship to Ayers. Yes, liberals labeled John McCain as: Bush- part 2. But this should be behind us now.

What this tape plainly shows is that al Qaeda does not care WHO is in the White House. Which should have been simple to see since the first attack by terrorism on the WT Towers was under President Clinton’s watch. The second was under President Bush’s watch.

So, the question is what will Barack Obama DO about this?

Obama has suggested more focus and troops in Afghanistan. I support that line of thinking. I always have.

So, I believe that this is an issue that both- democrats and republicans can agree on. In fact, I am hopeful that with a democratic president, more liberals will see a need to fight terrorism, and less likely to use it as a campaign issue.

The term that Zawahri used to refer to the President Elect is degrading and disgusting. The only reason that Zawahri used this term was to put down the new president and to challenge him. (al Qaeda doesn’t care if you are liberal or conservative)

I see several comments where people believe that Obama will do a much better job than President Bush did in fighting al Qaeda.

I hope you are right..!!

I hope you are not just “boasting.”

This, of course, is one time that we will find the answer to that question.

Time will tell…

AR Babonie

You can find my post and read comments from The Huffington Post at this link:

LINK: Who said what, where and when- House negro..??


Where’s my Star Trek..??

My old Star Trek never looked like this?

However, I always wanted to know how Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew first started out? I wondered why the Star Trek franchise never explored this idea- The young crew of the first Star Trek.

Well, it looks like they are exploring this idea now.


2 responses to “Pirates- 2008 style

  1. comments on House Negro


    Star Trek the baby years ,,, interesting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ODUMBA ,,, who cares what Muslims call one of their own ……………………….


    justmyopinion said:

    I like it! I’m a trek-o-maniac!….Oh yeah, good blog too.

  2. bavolet said:

    So interesting that instead of getting upset at Al-Qaeda they go and blame Bush again.

    The night of the election we were having a watch party for interested students. During one of the boring parts (which was just about all of it, wasn’t it?) we got to talking about how Bush got blamed for everything – so we started thinking about all the things Bush could be blamed for. Of course, most of the things that were his fault happened before he was born, and eventually the libs started shutting up because they realized how ridiculous all the Bush-bashing sounded coming from the comically cynical mouths of all the conservatives who were in the room. Got a hangnail? Bush’s fault. The crusades? Bush. All the trash left on the moon – definitely Bush. Michelle Obama’s horrible black-widow spider dress she wore that night – oh, absolutely the fault of George W. Bush.

    I love Star Trek and this looks great (and doesn’t the guy who plays a young Spock look a lot like Leonard Nimoy in the role? Not too sure about the James Kirk actor – but maybe he has the speech patterns down. I love the fact they remembered to make the uniforms the old TV way instead of the updated uniforms everyone wore from Start Trek: the Movie onward. Ya gotta love gold, blue and red velveteen…

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