Hillary- New Secretary of State

Hillary- New Secretary of State


The source is not the greatest…

None of the BIG media types are reporting it yet.

The Drudge Report has a developing link on it.

But the word is that Hillary WILL except the job of Secretary of State. (7:30pm Monday)

I’m not really sure how I feel about it?

Some conservatives believe she might be tougher on terrorism than Obama.

However, I have seen Hillary change her mind on BIG issues, so I am not banking on that.

Liberals that I have talked to seem happy that Hillary might join, (even though Hillary brings NO change to the Obama White House..??)

What do you think about a Hillary and Obama team..??

LINK: Hillary says YES


2 responses to “Hillary- New Secretary of State

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    WE NEED TALK RADIO to fight all the LIE’S from the COM MIE LEFT …………….


    justmyopinion said:

    If they manage to get rid of talk radio, (first ammendment) thats it, we’re done unless bullets start flying before they get around to taking our guns(second ammendment). I drive a truck 8 to 12 hours everyday and listen to all my news and talk stations. I get tons of good info that I can then second and third source. I’m informed. If they do away with real news, where do I go to get my info….newspaper….abc, nbc, cbs ….Time or Newsweek, . If they pull this off we might as well send for our brochure’s so we can pick our re-education camp. And I might add that MOST of the country is still asleep so they probably will be able to get it done.

  2. Bad New’s said:

    Hey, do you happen to have satellite radio?

    I do not think that satellite radio will be affected by any censorship (fairness) doctrine like “free radio” because it is a pay service, not unlike cable TV.

    However, I cannot see any station dropping Rush Limbaugh. They make too much money on that show.

    If anything, a station would probably keep Rush and drop whatever conservative show that is before, (or after Rush.) They would stick some local DJ announcer in for 3 hours to do a local liberal call-in show. That’s what I would do if I were program director. It’s cheap, easy, and lets anyone in the community have their say.

    Plus, we still have the Internets…

    You know that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Boortz and the rest will not go quietly. They will offer free streaming audio (filled with commercials) so that we can find out what is the real story.

    Thanks for the comment..!!


    justmyopinion said:

    Yes, I have XM sat radio….dats hows cum I so smart…

    Many of the show’s on XM are local, on the am dial and just broadcast on xm around the country. I’m hoping and praying that will not change but keep in mind the whole point of the fairness doctrine is to shut us up…so…they will get around to addressing satellite, cable, intranet you name it. You know exactly how socialism ends.

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