Why not the BIG three?

Why NOT the BIG three..??


How did the CEO of CITI Group arrive at the Capital asking for his companies bailout..??

Did he take a private jet..??

Did he even show up at all..??


Did the CEO of CITI Group just “phone in” his request for Bailout money..??

How about Fanny Mae..??

How did they show up for their bailout cash? What is their new business plan..??

Why is congress “sticking it to” the big three auto makers?

Why do I know that GM, Ford, and Chrysler flew private jets to the capital, and that they had no “fix” planned out for their companies restructure? Yet, I know nothing about the banks and their new plans to “fix” their problems?

Hey, I got no answers here, I’m just ranting into the wind.

Why is congress giving the US auto makers a hard time. But they seem to throw cash at just about any bank that needs help.

And why has the news media (yes, even Fox) been so hard on the auto makers, but did little reporting on CITI Group when they got their bailout last week?

If you think the Big three auto makers do NOT need a bailout, you are in “good” company.

LINK: Michael Moore agrees with you


(Hint) Moore wants the auto makers to fail so that they retool and built small metal boxes with wheels. Dangerous little cars that also can be used as a coffin. (NOTE- embalming sold separately from the cars. Death flowers NOT included.)

Daddy Dangerous


Barack Obama has become that father figure who promises to take you fishing this weekend.

But when the weekend arrives and you have all your fishing equipment packed and ready…

“Daddy Dangerous”- Barack Obama never shows up.

BIG “Mommy Media” tells you that “Daddy Dangerous” is a busy man, and someday he will keep his promise. “Mommy Media” explains that things have changed. (Since 4 weeks ago..??) And Obama can no longer do the things he promised to all his voters:

End the war in Iraq. (By keeping Gates in charge and vowing to follow the military’s advice.)

Obama will NO LONGER tax BIG oil. (Like he said he would when you elected him.)

LINK: Obama gives BIG oil a BIG fat break.


And the people who voted for Obama, who thought that 95% of them were going to get a tax break…

(Well, you just keep waiting by your fishing box. With your little fishing pole in hand. Hoping to see Obama pull into the driveway.)


Are you GAY and sad?


If you are GAY and sad about Prop 8, maybe this little gay video will make you smile.

(Note) it is funny- starring: Jack Black, John C Reilly, and many more.

LINK: Jesus doesn’t like shrimp..??


So, you think that you’re the cats ass…


Do you believe that you are perceptive..??

Maybe not as much as you think.

Take this quiz. Can you identify the correct signs for famous business’s?

(I got 17 of 20 right.) Beat my score..!!

LINK: A sign of the times


See ya next time..!!


Black Friday

Black Friday


With one person trampled to death and a gun fight breaking out during “Black Friday- 2008”, retailers may want to re-think the “dash and grab” policy.

(Or congress might do it for them.)



This “first come, first served” style of having shoppers line up in the middle of the night and wait for the doors to open, to be one of 15 people to get a great price on a product- is deadly.

This practice reminds me of a problem we had in the 70’s at rock concerts; it was called “festival seating.” All tickets were the same price and when the doors opened, people rushed to the front of the stage for the BEST seats.

This practice also became deadly and was banned.

Retailers need to think about the safety of the customers. (Which, usually they do in the design of their stores.) But for this one day a year, it devolves into “Lord of the flies.”

There should be other ways of offering selective deals to a few, (which do not include stepping over- or- ON other humans to get that bargain.)

A lottery, a hide a seek.. Anything- besides this dash and grab system that they currently have.

Far be it for me to try and shutdown a tradition.

Though, I do not take part in this Holiday ritual, I do take part in another holiday offering: “The last minute dash and grab whatever is left” style of shopping. (Practiced by guys, and some lazy women.) We do not usually KILL each other during this event. Mostly, because we do not want to be there in the first place, and we have given up on getting “the greatest gift ever.”

However, I do have friends who love to plan out a “Black Friday” shopping trip. (Yes, they are excited to set the alarm for the wee hours of the morning (or night). And they return with some great deals. So I can understand the excitement of a Black Friday. (After all- I fish, so I am familiar with getting up early. Finding just the right spot and catching the elusive “big fish.”)

However, there has to be a better way than the system that we currently have..??

Bad day for Pirates



Thank God someone is actually going to try and stop the Somali Pirates. (Instead of waiting for America to do it.)

LINK: Germany to send troops to stop the pirates


Where the heck is VP Joe Biden..??




LINK: Where the hell is Joe Biden

One more for the road



We have planned to do a post about President Bush, sometime in the near future.

However, The Huffington Post has a current discussion on the topic of our 43 President stepping down.

As you can imagine, the liberal readers are ready for their big scoop of “hopey- change” right now.

LINK: I’m mad as hell, and I am (going to complain about it.)

He shoots, he scores..!!



Al Franken, ready to sue his way to the senate.

LINK: I was in the right place, but it musta been the wrong time.



Rosie palms..??



Rosie bombs.

Did anyone watch Rosie’s live Thanksgiving gala spectacular super special NBC event..??

Was anyone looking forward to it..?? (Besides NBC..??)

LINK: Everything is looking “Rosie” for NBC

Terrorists hit New York City

Terrorists hit New York City


After descending 30 stairs down into the earth below, you walk through a very long tunnel. On both sides of you are empty store front windows, businesses- that went out of business years ago.

On the left of you, a woman is lying on the ground and is partially blanketed with a newspaper. She yells out at the crowd: “Yea, I’m F**ked up. But crack is what f**ked me up. You folks are REALLY f**ked up. You can’t blame crack..”

Other than a quick glance or a chuckle, people pass by this woman without paying her much attention.

As you near the hub of NY Cities Penn Station, you hear several people in front of you say: “Oh crap..!!”

“Oh crap” is never a good thing to hear. It means something has gone terribly wrong.

Of the two subway ticket machines, one is out of order and the other has a very long line. You look at your watch: “We could make it if this line moves quickly, but it is going to be close..”

The line isn’t moving quickly..!!

At the front of the line is a group of tourists who do not speak English and they are having trouble with the ticket machine. Some locals try to help these people but it is taking valuable time. People are offering money to these foreigners, who are digging through their pockets for change.

Just then, you hear gunshots.

Some people around you instinctively hit the deck. Gentlemen in business suits are hugging the ground. It takes you several seconds to realize what is happening. As you turn you can plainly see 4 men with automatic weapons, (AK-47’s pop into your mind.) These men are spraying the crowd with bullets. It is completely and effectively random. They are just turning and shooting everyone in sight.

You lunge to the ground.

“Why would a person do this..??”

Your mind clicks into defensive mode: “I have no weapons.”

Your only defense is to lay on the ground and pretend that you are dead.

The shooting stops.

In the background you can hear a woman screaming: “Why.. Why..”

That is the question that everyone is asking.




Just hours before a full scale assault by terrorists on Mumbai, India; the American FBI and Homeland Security issued an alert that “something” could happen in New York City, (Penn Station in particular) and security was tightened up in the NY subway system.

Luckily for us, this attack isn’t taking place on American soil. (As I illustrated in the story above.)

But, that is no comfort to the people of India who are under assault as I write this.

These terrorists were targeting places that “Western travelers” frequent: restaurants and hotels.

At the Taj Hotel, the terrorists took hostage anyone with an American or British passport.



When these terrorists attack only Indian people, it makes news in India and Pakistan, but not much further.

However, by targeting American and British tourists, it becomes international and makes WORLD News.

And this is what these terrorists were looking for: World Attention.

(They seem to be getting world attention. CNN covered this story all night. The BBC is completely focused on it.)

With about 10 different- “timed” attacks, terrorists attacked a Mumbai police station, a railroad station, several restaurants, a hospital (that is sick: attacking a hospital??) And several hotels including the century old Taj Hotel. (Which is on fire at the moment.)

At the time of writing this- (10 am, Thursday) 125 people have been killed. 327 injured (including 3 Americans.)

Some are claiming that this ISN’T the work of al Qaeda because of the way it was carried out: guns and grenades, no suicide bombers. Some claim that this is a product of the ongoing fight between Pakistan and India. (Possibly the India Mujahideen.)

However, al Qaeda does change its tactics. All of the terrorists on this attack knew they would not survive. In a sense, these were suicide attacks. And the attacks were aimed at Western Tourists in the heart of India’s financial district.

This attack does remind a person of the assault on Western targets in Bali (2002) when al Qaeda blew up several restaurants and clubs. Lets face it, al Qaeda would benefit from having the feud elevated between Pakistan and India. (And we all know that al Qaeda and the Taliban have a stronghold in Pakistan.

It’s too early for me to say that it was al Qaeda who masterminded this assault on Mumbai, India. But I wouldn’t rule it out.

Remember: India recently blew up a pirate ship off the coast of Somalia. Radical Islam could be retaliating for that. If that is the case, then anything is possible.

India has captured several of these terrorists and we should learn more about: “Deccan Mujahideen,” the group claiming responsibility for this attack on India.

On this Thanksgiving, I am very thankful that my opening story- (Terrorists attack Penn Station) DIDN’T take place here on American soil. (But unfortunately, it did happened somewhere: India.)

If I had a Thanksgiving wish, it would be that other nations joined with Britain and America and helped round up these terrorists and end this modern “Holy jihad War.”

Because these terrorists are not going away on their own.

Pretending that terrorism isn’t real, is not a fix to this problem.

Written by AR Babonie for “Bad News”

Bailout Fever (bail baby bail)


Bailout Fever (bail baby bail)



Citi Bank- come on down


You are the next contestant on:
“Your price is right”

Bailout fever continues



After the BIG three US auto makers ran into a little trouble with their bailouts, Citi Bank becomes the next in line to suck the blood of the tax payers.

Here at “Bad News”, we wanted to get inside the minds of these companies, and what it takes to ask congress for YOUR tax money.

So, here is one of the bigger share holders of Citi Bank, a reletively unknown company called:

 Corporate Receivers of Amalgamated Poisonous Petroleum.

C.R.A.P.P. -is what they like to be called.

Their motto is:

 “Helping you lurch forward, while stepping into a big pile of the future..!!”

Here is what CRAPP had to say about the CITI Bank bailout:


We prefer to NOT call it a “bailout.”

We prefer the term- “Happy Check.”

See, without this “happy check”, tons of people will be laid off. Which means they would spend one year on unemployment, where they would be paid cash- money to hunt, spend time with their families, fish, play golf, and look for a job.

This is a SAD prospect for any American..!!

However, with this “happy check” (bailout), people can feel confidant that they STILL have a job with a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. A company that could collapse any day.

Plus, with this happy check; none of us top CEO people will have to leave, or even lower our salary.

This “happy check” from you tax payers is the RIGHT solution. And best of all, you will never feel any of the pain. (Because your children and grandchildren will actually pay all this money back. By then, you will be taking a permanent dirt nap.)

Michael Jackson


The “Cat” is out of the bag.

Could this be the new FACE of Islam..??


Michael Jackson is following in the footsteps of another famous (and reclusive) singing star.

Jackson is converting to Islam, just as Yousef Islam did a few years ago. (Cat Stevens)

Maybe what Michael Jackson needs right now is religion? (Any religion.) I have always worried that Jackson was heading for self- destruction, and possible suicide. Religion could possible straighten Jackson out? (No pun intended.)

LINK: Jacko goes backo- Islam for me

But if Michael Jackson is looking for a comeback in popular music, Islam might not be his best choice.

(They shy away from crotch grabbing, sexy women, and most everything that popular culture stands for.)

Just look at the life of Cat Stevens before and after Islam:

1970’s era Cat Stevens

Modern Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Uuuumm… Though I fight for religion in my blog because I feel people need to have faith. And, of course, America stands for religious freedom.

The transformation of Cat Stevens; a cutting edge song writer who could describe human emotions better than most, into a “mouth piece” for an Islam leader…

I’m sorry, it is just a waste of talent. (Leave politics to the politicians.) God, (of any religion) gives certain people great gifts. Cat Stevens has a gift and I miss it.

Today, Yousef Islam is very popular amongst Islamic African cultures and maybe that is Michael Jackson’s calling.

Who the hell am I to denounce that calling..??

Just some little blog writer in America that misses the old Cat Stevens.

 Take the Al Frankin challenge

Al Frankin believes that this voter wanted to vote for him in the Minnesota Senate race.

The Frankin team believes that the voter underlined his “correct” choice.

What do you think?


LINK: More goofy ballots from Minnesota




 Famous Hooker speaks out

Ashley Dupre claims she had no idea that Spitzer was a married governor.

LINK: Hooker wasn’t happy


The Former New York Governor also speaks out


One more from Yousef Islam (Cat Stevens)

Pirates- 2008 style




Pirates- 2008

What do the modern pirates look like?

Do they have a cute monkey..??

Do they look like Johnny Depp and basically just fight with each other while drinking rum..??


Not exactly..!!

These pirates actually steal stuff, kill people, and to my knowledge- do not have a cute monkey on their shoulder.

Today- pirates from Somali have 17 ships and about 343 people held hostage. (Including a large oil tanker carrying $100 million bucks worth of oil.)

Who is going to stop these modern day pirates?

Not many nations are stepping up to stop them. India has sent in a naval vessel and sank one pirate “mother ship.” However, as the pirates are rewarded with ransom payments, they can afford faster ships and better weapons.

Maybe it is time for these rich oil producing countries to step up and provide escort vehicles to stop pirates BEFORE they get close enough to blast a hole in the side of a tanker.

LINK: India sinks the pirates


(Note) Also at this site is a video on why fighting the pirates may not be enough?

Dems “fighting words”, nuff said.

Al Qaeda’s number 2- al Zawahri has called President Elect Barack Obama a: “house negro.”

Ok- that is freaking disgusting and terrorists are filthy pigs.

So, being the curious type, I headed over to see how the people at The Huffington Post are responding to this comment by Zawahri.

Take a guess what liberals are saying about the “house negro” comment..??

You would guess wrong…

Most liberals are still campaigning against republicans. (Kind of like those poor Japanese who didn’t know that WW2 had ended, and were held up in caves for years later.)

Some blame President Bush for doing too much, some claim Bush did too little…

While others are happy to proclaim that this proves: “Obama is NO terrorist, because look at what terrorists are saying..”

I think they are all missing the point here..!!

Obama has been challenged.

And I hope he doesn’t fail this challenge.

LINK: Dems “fighting words”, nuff said.

Here is what I wrote for The Huffington Post:

I can see that some people believe the election is still going on, today.

It’s over- Barack Obama won. You can stop already with the rhetoric.

Yes, conservatives questioned Obama’s relationship to Ayers. Yes, liberals labeled John McCain as: Bush- part 2. But this should be behind us now.

What this tape plainly shows is that al Qaeda does not care WHO is in the White House. Which should have been simple to see since the first attack by terrorism on the WT Towers was under President Clinton’s watch. The second was under President Bush’s watch.

So, the question is what will Barack Obama DO about this?

Obama has suggested more focus and troops in Afghanistan. I support that line of thinking. I always have.

So, I believe that this is an issue that both- democrats and republicans can agree on. In fact, I am hopeful that with a democratic president, more liberals will see a need to fight terrorism, and less likely to use it as a campaign issue.

The term that Zawahri used to refer to the President Elect is degrading and disgusting. The only reason that Zawahri used this term was to put down the new president and to challenge him. (al Qaeda doesn’t care if you are liberal or conservative)

I see several comments where people believe that Obama will do a much better job than President Bush did in fighting al Qaeda.

I hope you are right..!!

I hope you are not just “boasting.”

This, of course, is one time that we will find the answer to that question.

Time will tell…

AR Babonie

You can find my post and read comments from The Huffington Post at this link:

LINK: Who said what, where and when- House negro..??


Where’s my Star Trek..??

My old Star Trek never looked like this?

However, I always wanted to know how Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise crew first started out? I wondered why the Star Trek franchise never explored this idea- The young crew of the first Star Trek.

Well, it looks like they are exploring this idea now.

Hillary- New Secretary of State

Hillary- New Secretary of State


The source is not the greatest…

None of the BIG media types are reporting it yet.

The Drudge Report has a developing link on it.

But the word is that Hillary WILL except the job of Secretary of State. (7:30pm Monday)

I’m not really sure how I feel about it?

Some conservatives believe she might be tougher on terrorism than Obama.

However, I have seen Hillary change her mind on BIG issues, so I am not banking on that.

Liberals that I have talked to seem happy that Hillary might join, (even though Hillary brings NO change to the Obama White House..??)

What do you think about a Hillary and Obama team..??

LINK: Hillary says YES

Just in time for Christmas- CNN dead planet




Just in time for Christmas- CNN dead planet


For many of us, Christmas is a time for thinking about what other people may want, and finding a way to buy that special gift.


To others, Christmas is a deeply religious time. A time to reflect on one’s spirituality.


Still, others use this time of the year to throw colorful lights on a tree and drink massive amounts of booze.


For the cable news network: CNN, Christmas is the perfect time to remind people that humans are disgusting bastards who are destroying the earth.


This same network- CNN; who didn’t seem to have enough staff to send someone (anyone) to Chicago to check out Barack Obama and his past experience. Maybe do a few interviews with people who grew up with Obama?


CNN now has plenty of staff to send people to Asia, South America, and all over the globe; to show you how much of a pig that you really are.



From the heater in your house which you selfishly use to stay alive, to your coffee maker which keeps small children (some- as young as 1 year old) in CHILD slave labor. To your car which you sick twisted bastards use to get to work.


You are destroying the earth, and therefore: you should be dead.



So maybe the bad economy and the election haven’t brought sadness to your life? Maybe you still have some joy and happiness left inside of you?


CNN’s “Planet in Peril” will SUCK that joy and happiness right out of you.



I plan to have a full bottle of Prozac and a jug of booze ready for the show..!!


(Note- BS factor) If you really care about saving the environment and you believe man is killing the planet, why are you sitting in your house watching CNN?


Shouldn’t you have shut off the TV, cut the power lines to your house, abandoned your car, and are currently living off of grub worms and stinkweed from your back yard?



CNN’s “Planet in Peril” will air mid December (Maybe the 12th??) check CNN for details. Make sure to have a fresh bowl of tree bark to nibble on while watching this spectacle.









O J found guilty



Like- no shit, let’s move on.





Who is THE REAL Bill Ayers





Bill Ayers is just a fun loving guy “next door” who makes pipe bombs, who used to practice “protest vandalism”. Kind of like that silly little kid who throws a rock at the neighbor’s window because he doesn’t like the neighbor.


Bill Ayers is quick to point out that the only people that the Weather Underground ever really killed (sic) was- Themselves. (Bomb mishap.) Ayers wishes he could have done more. (Killing of his own people???)


Bill Ayers explains in the New York Times that he IS NOT a terrorist.




Just some fun loving guy who wants to blow up stuff to end the violence. (????)


(Which is what a terrorist wants to do.)


LINK: Butt boy and Billy Ayers






What is funnier than BUSH?




The Obama and Clinton team.


The ink isn’t even dry on Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State deal, and Bill Clinton has already pissed people off.


What was the BIG concern of Hillary being Secretary of State? That Bill Clinton might be paid to speak at some controversial foreign person’s event and compromise the “stately” office of Secretary of State.


Here at “Bad News”, we thought this might come up in a few years. We never dreamed it would happen the week after Mrs. Clinton took the job?


Former President Bill Clinton, needing a “cash fix” of $200,000 bucks, gave a speech for Malaysian businessman: Sekhar, who is being sued by many “worldly” investors, including actor Bruce Willis; for not living up to his deals.




Folks, this is going to be an entertaining 4 years..!! (And best of all, we can stop playing defense.) We get to watch the liberals squirm and stutter, while they try and pretend that this stuff isn’t happening


LINK: The Obama Clinton variety show






See ya next time..!!